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Warranty Terms & Conditions


CMA Outdoor Services LLC warrants MATERIALS installed for a period of TWO YEARS from the date of installation on newly added irrigation systems and other components that support operating your irrigation system. LABOR to repair or replace the components of the sprinkler system is covered for a period of ONE year from installation. This warranty includes all system components installed by CMA Outdoor Services LLC, including the controller, valves, sprinkler heads, pipe, and backflow device. The warranty includes only defects in materials or workmanship and expressly excludes improper usage of the system, damage caused by freezing, fire, flooding, lightning strikes and any other natural phenomena, or damage by any other cause. Any modification or repair of the system by any company other than CMA Outdoor Services LLC voids this warranty. This warranty expressly excludes the cost of testing the backflow device as may be required by water providers after the initial inspection at installation clogging of system components due to debris in the water supply. CMA Outdoor Services LLC reserves the right to void all and any warranties if a full Start Up and Shut Down Seasonal Packages are not performed by CMA Outdoor Services LLC. CMA Outdoor Services LLC warrants for a period of ONE YEAR, that all lawn or planter bed areas detailed or specified in the original proposal will be properly irrigated according to industry standards in effect at the time of installation. Changes to beds or changes due to plant growth are not warranted. Timers that operate your outdoor irrigation system is warranted via the manufacturer. CMA Outdoor Services LLC will warrant LABOR for 1 year on any timer installed by CMA Outdoor Services LLC. This is limited to issues that affect your timer as a result of Natural Phenomena such as Lightning strikes, flooding, and any other natural weather or disaster. Any Drainage work performed by CMA Outdoor Services LLC will be warranted for TWO YEARS of install or repair on parts installed using our parts only. CMA Outdoor Services LLC reserves the right to assess any issues that may impact the performance of the drainage work. Natural erosion, weather issues and debris may naturally impact drainage performance. Upon assessing the issue CMA Outdoor Services LLC may deem fit to charge for any repairs within this 2-year time frame. CMA Outdoor Services LLC does not do Backflow testing.


Refunds on labor or materials shall be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We stand by our work and preferred vendor materials. We want to reassure you we will make any situation right by the consumer. All refunds requested will be returned via check if approved. Allow 7-10 business days for a check to be mailed to you if a refund is authorized by CMA Outdoor services LLC.

Other service policies:

CMA Outdoor Services LLC uses 811 DIG to mark all lines and other underground cables. CMA Outdoor Services is not responsible for mismatched cable lines, phone lines, internet lines or any other underground wires or cables that could impact service to the residence or commercial property. If you have an underground dog fence you must notify CMA Outdoor Services LLC prior to work being performed. CMA Outdoor Services LLC will notify your local water company at your request of any ongoing leak and ask that possible fees associated to this are removed from your account. CMA Outdoor services LLC cannot assume responsibility for any leaks, or any other issues related to heavy water usage due to failed parts and materials. CMA Outdoor Services cannot guarantee charges will be dismissed or removed on behalf of the homeowner or commercial property manager/lessee.